Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little happy things

Just some random happy things from my past week. Other bloggers will probably call this type of post an "insta-post" but I don't have Instagram or an iPhone to play around with, so too bad.

can't get enough of my H&M jacket from Shanghai

Pastel toes

Freebies of the day! green tea latte from Starbucks my new favourite drink :)

Been wanting to share this pic of the coolest 3D bag ever! It's a real bag!

Kenanga Wholesale Mall & Kuala Lumpur's bad traffic - where I got a shatter polish and some cheap hairbands. The only things worth buying there are accessories IMO.

Other stuff I'm in love with - Hair serum flew in all the way from Taiwan via a friend, Bio Essence BB cream which smells lovely and was on sale in Guardian, earring gift from New Zealand which happens to match a vintage bangle from my mom, made from the same type of shell (happy!), Dermalogica cleanser sample. 

RM1 headbands. I love the striking orange one cause it somehow matches anything despite it's brightness. 

Project Shatter - starting to love shatter polish (though mine's a knock off of OPI). It's imperfectly perfect. I don't even have to apply it evenly or worry about ruining my nails. 
 L-R: Blue polish from in Celestial 104 from Topshop, Dark blue "shatter" polish from Kenanga Warehouse Mall, Top Coat from Elianto.

The result :) 

Ending with a picture of my eyes. I accidentally drew my eyeliner thicker and added some nude shadow to try and reduce the "goth-ness" (i hate thick eyeliner!). End up loving the outcome. I never really liked eyeliners being too thick but I'm liking this. Perhaps I should do this more often.

Back to my books now after hours of catching up on TV series!

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