Monday, March 5, 2012

PLL Fashion: Father-daughter dance

It has been so long since the last PLL Fashion post. The lastest episode 22 inspired this update because the dresses they wore to the father-daughter dance in school is so fab! I love every single one of them.

All four of them!

For once, I took the courtesy to print screen this shot cause I can't find a picture on google with all of them in one shot. Note: No Hannah in this post cause she wasn't wearing a dress to the dance. If you watched it you'll know why...

Pic from kissmecarousel
 Love Emma's bright orange cocktail dress with frilly sleeves to exude the right amount of girlyness. Emma's always the one wearing striking colours cause her tan skin suits bright colours very well.

Pic from kissmecarousel
 Aria always portrays her rock and roll style even in dresses. Love the prints on this number as it screams classy with an attitude.

Pic from kissmecarousel
And why is Mona in the picture? Find out more in Ep22 :) Love her off-shoulder colour block dress. Perfect cut, perfect frills, perfect colour match. What not to love?

I couldn't find a full shot of Spencer's dress but this pic will do. Spencer looks best in sparkly dresses because of her slender figure and the frills detailing enhances the chest area and adds a feminine touch. I want this dress! Really, its sparkly without looking trashy and the colour is so unique.

Anyway, I found this site that finds exact or similar matches to outfits on PLL. Click here.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the remaining episodes of Season 2! :)

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