Monday, March 12, 2012

Be inspired, always.

Things that make me happy and some inspiration from everywhere.

Treats from Singapore!

Starbucks Green Tea Latte. Every time I drink this, there's always someone who will pass a comment along the lines of  "that looks healthy!" (like some wheatgrass concoction apparently). But really, it's not, it's just the best drink ever  from Starbucks but definitely healthier than a cup of coffee.  

Tea time snack at home :)

Tea facts. In summary, tea is good for you. 

Whats a weekend without painting my nails. This time I used pink for my shatter base :) I look like I have possessed nails but whatever. I love them.

hitting the books again!

maxi skirts, i need more of them!

...and maybe a sexy dress for no reason?

World's most dangerous airport @ Lukha. Love it. 

Maccu Picchu. Wonder if i'll ever get the time, money, gut and stamina to actually go to this place. Sigh. One day perhaps.
Okay, abrupt end to post, again. But here's a longer article I wrote about some nice coffee places in Kuala Lumpur :) *click here*

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