Sunday, June 24, 2012

Latest trend: Tassel earrings

Here's the latest trend for earrings this summer. Tassel or fringe earrings. Well apparently it is not very new as this was Spring 2 011's fashion, but living in Asia also means trends take a while to kick in. SADNESS. I have not spotted these earrings anywhere in stores in KL yet but I did see some on EMODA and Storets site. Since, I am not a fan of paying USD 9 to USD 23 for a pair. I attempted to make one myself :p

As seen on

As seen on Cheesie from - earrings from Emoda
As seen on Natalie Portman.

Those familiar with the Chinese culture will instantly be reminded of Chinese New Year decorations (below) LOL. I was even tempted to recycle my decorations into earrings but then figured it would look too obvious and people would go "Why are you wearing CNY decorations on your ears?"

Instead I found some faux leather tassels from a bag I had and decided to remove it since it was pretty redundant hanging on my bag...and tadah

My version of tassel earrings! In fact, I don't see this type of tassel earrings anywhere online so I may very well be the first to create them LOL *copyrights* Only problem is, I only have one of this, so  I'm just gonna wear it on one side and pass it off as fashion :)

I had a good Sunday! Did you? :)


  1. oh you have the same as cheesie? :) nice, very suitable for most of the outfits!

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