Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inspiration: Mode Look

I have been obsessing with the "Mode" look donned by EMODA's models for some time now and I could not pin point why or how they all managed to achieve this exotic look. Until recently, when I discovered that the secret lies in their....EYEBROWS! They never have black brows, despite them being Asian. Most of you might think it will come off as unnatural but I honestly don't think so. Even Cheesie from Cheeserland and Audrey from fourfeetnine have light brows and they still look good. Although you may need a lighter hair colour to complete the look, EMODA's producer Ena Matsumoto seems to be able to pull it off without having such light hair colour *inspired*. Pictures below (observe the brows)! 

Ena Matsumoto. Love the red lips too! 
I think I can achieve this look now with my new MAC lipglass and KATE eyebrow colour :)
MAC Lipglass in Good Times
I got this KATE eyebrow colour at Sasa yesterday. I'm so gonna try it out tomorrow! 
Blogger just told me I have reached my 1GB limit of pictures. How sad! But thankfully I found a way to get around it :) Fret not! The pictures will keep coming lovelies.


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