Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another haul post!

Here's some of the stuff I got from Times Square a couple months back (plus a pair of shoes I got last weekend). Since I was so bored from my holiday, I decided to make a photo collage of my haul. The stuff at Times Square this time around were really pretty with lots of chiffon and light fabric, girly dresses and skirts. I couldn't resist and went on a spree....I was never really the type of girl who goes on shopping sprees as I usually only buy one or two things at once but this was an exception. The amount spent on all these equals to less than RM200! 

Clockwise from left: Midi-length tulle skirt, knitted short sleeve sweater, polka dot blouse, navy blue pleated skirt, random black (peplum-ish) top that came free with the polka dot blouse, scallop trimmed blouse, brown ballerina flats, fuchsia coloured chiffon shorts and a black bandage skirt. 


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