Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Working shoes dilemma?

Embrace yourself as you will see a lot of shoes in this post. So this afternoon as I was having lunch at a Korean restaurant, a young working lady (I knew she was a working lady cause she was in working attire and the man she was with was also in working attire) walked in the shop and the first thing I noticed was her heels! I was kinda speechless for awhile because it not only became a walking fashion disaster, due to her pairing with a flare FLORAL skirt, but also because she wore such atrocious heels to work! It was a pair of black laced-up heels/booties. I googled to try and show you how it looked like and got the closest image below (minus that feather thing and the part around the ankle). This was such an inappropriate shoe to wear to an office. Judging from her very boring black button up shirt and out-of-fashion floral skirt I'm assuming she's not working for a fashion house where shoes like below may be a little more acceptable. 

SO, the point is, many people still do not know what shoes are office worthy and corporate and what just screams trashy or immature. Hence, I decided to show some examples or do's and don't for work shoes. Of course, here I am assuming that these shoes are for those who works in a normal office job (not one that is overly corporate such as like law firms, banks or other service providers where you can only wear black covered shoes, nor am I talking about offices where you can wear casual everyday like design and advertising houses). For instance, if one wants to wear laced up shoes to office, consider wearing this one below instead. 

Now that you get my drift, lets start. By the way, some of the following pictures (almost all actually) are taken from ZALORA cause recently I've been stalking their site and drooling over their awesome shoes! 

Strappy heels

This is NOT how you wear strappy to the office. 

This seems more appropriate if you're going for the "strappy" look.

Basically, the key is to avoid colourful shoes in the office because you'd want the attention to be on the presenter (you) and not your shoes. I actually think these wedges here looks really nice for the sunny weekends but you may wanna steer clear off them during weekdays.

Here are some work-friendly options for wedges. 
Always stick to neutral colours like beige, brown, black, white, grey and maybe sometimes dark red or navy blue would do too.

I love this pair here. Slingbacks are one of the most flattering designs.

Peep-toe heels

Another flattering design are peep toe heels. Having said that, you may want to steer clear of colourful and prints at work.
Once again, something that would look good with summer dresses but NOT in office.

This bold one here looks great in a club, but not around your bosses. 

Try going for more elegant peep toe pumps like this satin one here...
Or just stick to the can-never-go-wrong plain black heels.

Mid-height heels

For those (like myself) who has a problem wearing anything more than 3 inches, you may want to opt for Mid-height heels.
Big no no for the office. Though the height seems perfect for me.

This is a decent one that is still looks stylish cos of the texture and midnight blue colour.

This is THE SAFEST looking shoe for any office. Black. Covered. Not too high. Not too low. When in doubt, go for this. Especially for interviews or first day at work.

Ridiculously high heels

I don't think anyone should wear anything more than 3 inches for the office simply because it may come off as "too much" plus you might have problem walking in them (always happens to me). So unless you absolutely have to because you are vertically challenged, then once again cut down on the colours and frills.
Frilly and colourful *shudders*
Instead opt for neutral colours. I especially love mary-janes like this but all the nice ones are always so HIGH!! why?!
Another favourite of mine. Don't be fooled, this looks amazing when worn. I know cos I see a lot of people on lookbook wearing them with ankle socks. But you can also go without the socks and rock it at the office. Once again, never saw one less than 3 inches of height. 

Studded heels

Never. Ever. Wear. Studded. Heels. To. Office.

Big NO NO.
If you have to live with "some bling" opt for a more demure version like this one here. 

Ballerina flats

Probably the most practical type of shoe for the office are flats. Most of the flats I've seen looks decent enough for office but there are a few you might want to avoid.
Oversized props on shoes. This screams childish more than anything.

Shiny shoes. Too attention grabbing.
Go for a white one with a tiny bow for a sweet look.
Or even structured loafers like this one here. Loafers are generally really comfy so you can work in comfort too! 

p/s: This is NOT an ad for Zalora so opinions are unbiased :)


  1. Lol. All sorts of heels and shoes are found with the ppl in my office though^^ But I like the 2nd shoe u show. Preppy office shoe!

    1. your office is a fashion house! So fancy shoes are totally acceptable :)

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