Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I would call this a filler post, till I have time to do a proper post. Here's some pictures of my nails to keep you occupied. Channelling some girly-ness with pink! 

Got this during a free nail painting session in uni :) Bubblegum pink! 
One week later it chipped (as usual) and I salvaged it by painting on periwinkle blue tips. This reminds me of Katy Perry :) 

Decided to try Gel Colour nails to solve the problem of polish chipping. Never spent so much on a manicure before but this sparkly neon pinkish colour and the fact that it's supposed to last ONE MONTH (or more) kinda justifies it. 
Here's another inspiration from Ena Matsumoto who has the nicest nails in the world! 

By the way, the manicurist told me I have a weird index finger nail because it is smaller than the rest of my fingernails. I never noticed this "defect" but now that I see Ena's nails, I realised I do have a smaller index fingernail after all. We learn something new everyday....

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