Saturday, October 6, 2012

Best make-up remover ever!

Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Make-up Remover


Today, I would like to share with you guys the new make-up remover that I am using. First of all, a little background on my skincare history. I have always been keen to keep trying out make-up and skincare products like BB creams, Eyeliners, cleansers, moisturizers etc.  But one of the things that I usually do not dare to try are make-up removers. I have always felt that make-up removers are such an important part of applying make-up and my current removers seem to be doing a pretty alright job, so there really is no need of risking my skin (and eyes!) to new removers that might give me allergic reactions.

All these while I have been using SilkyGirl make-up remover because firstly, it is cheap (I used to be a poor student..wait I still am, so I tend to go for less pricey products!). Secondly, make-up removers sold in pharmacies are so limited! There are hardly any back then so I got stuck to using Silky Girl for years...It was until last year where I realised that I get so frustrated with cream based removers because it gets into my eyes and blurs my vision till I have to wash my eyes! I read somewhere that Hada Labo works extremely well, but when I went to the pharmacy, I felt that it was too expensive to spend like RM40 on a bottle of make-up remover. In the end, I settled for Simple's make-up remover because they claim to be mild to the skin. Well, it was definitely better than Silky Girl's and is really mild for my sensitive skin BUT, it does not remove make-up as well as I would like it to.

SO FINALLY, I was in this warehouse sale one day and this Hada Labo remover was selling at a discounted price so I got one (RANDOM TIP: when at warehouse sales, remember to check the expiry date). Lo and behold, I started using it this week and I loved it to bits already! Here's why:

1) It is water based but has a sort-of oily texture (without containing oil) that removes make-up efficiently while not making your skin oily (what Japanese sorcery is this?!). 

2) You do not need to use cotton pads to apply it. Just press some onto your fingers and massage your face with it. You will see all the make-up coming off as you massage and you save on cotton pads!

3) It contains Hyluronic Acid which hydrates your skin instead of drying it up! 

This is probably the only time I bought a skincare product without reading what's on the bottle (can't read Japanese) cause I knew it was going to be good. And it was.

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