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Trend spotting: Back to the 90s

Fashion these days are rarely about innovation, in fact, it has been going around in cycles with bits of modification here and there. I still remember when I was in my teenage years, the fashion at that point was bell-bottoms which was a hit back in the 60s. And before that, it was a hit back in the early 19th century -  donned by the British Royal Navy, During my years in university, the whole retro look was really in with all the hairbands and retro dresses. Then came the skinny jeans era a few years ago which well..has been around throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s but somehow skipped the 90s.

Looks like we seem to be copying most of the styles from the 60s till the 80s so it is only natural that 90s makes its comeback...Based on my predictions, this decade is definitely the decade of the 90s (and early 2000s)! I have spotted some of the 90s look on my favourite fashion bloggers and celebrities and can't be any more excited. The 90s is my all time favourite era because that is the time of my teenage years where we start developing our tastes for music, celebrities, fashion and boys? I would say music is my biggest influence during the 90s and I still remember looking forward to spending time after school watching music videos on TV (during those days, music videos only aired for like ONE HOUR every day). I also remember buying loads of Galaxie magazine to cut out music lyrics and pictures of my favourite celebrities. Okay, enough about me, picture time!

Trend 1: The Denim Shirt

I still remember getting my first denim shirt when I was 12 years old and for a good part of my later teenage years it did not see the light of day because it wasn't "in" anymore. Now, denim shirts are and should be a staple in everyone's closet cause they are so so versatile. They look good with floral dresses, shorts, mini skirts, skinny jeans, and the list goes on..

Denim on floral as seen on Drew Barrymore.
Back in the 90s denim jackets were such a hit and so were floral dresses. As seen in this pic of Drew Barrymore in the 90s. Fast forward 20 years later, denim jackets and shirts comes in so many shapes and sizes and here's how Carly Rae Jepson wears hers in this era.
Carly Rae Jepsen's take on a denim shirt,  paired with bright rainbow coloured shorts. 

Trend 2: Tie-Dye Clothing

Since, we are on Carly's outfit, I would also like to point out that the tie-dye trend is making a comeback especially on shorts and this time in pastel and neon hues. Back in the 90s, tie-dye outfits come in more gawdy colours (as seen below) but the current spin-off of tie-dye comes in the form of rainbow coloured pastel hues (especially in shorts!) and in ombre shades.

The 90s version of "tie dye" fashion. 

Here's how the new tie-dye trend looks like, or perhaps the term "dip-dye" would be more fitting! Super love the pastel combinations :)

Image from Xia Xue's facebook

Another version of rainbow-coloured shorts

Sorry, just had to throw in this awesome nail effect which I wish I could have...
Also seen on hairstyles!

Trend 3: Floral pants

Floral pants would probably be a fashion faux pas in the early 2000s but things has changed and what was once a trend in the 90s (and lets all admit it, there would be one point in life where we thought floral pants would make us look like grannies), is now making a comeback. I particularly saw a lot of stylish floral pants around and would love to have one too. Just be careful while selecting the prints to avoid looking like a curtain! 

Floral shorts of the 90s

Floral pants as seen on Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell. If you are wondering, the other two girls in this picture are Katie Holmes and Claire Danes back in the 90s.

And lets see how some celebrities rock them floral pants now!

Floral pants now, as seen on Jessica Alba.

More celebs in floral pants. 
Loving how just one item can brighten up the whole look :)

Trend 4: Midriff baring

Lets all admit it, we all know clearly who was the Queen of midriff baring. Well, none other than the lovely Britney Spears of course! And yes, she was my idol back in the 90s and because of her, tops got shorter and low-rise hipster jeans started gaining popularity (I still have two at the back of my closet). 

The Queen of  all Mid Riff baring - Britney Spears.  This was definitely something new to the world during her time and now it has made a whole cycle...

Here's how today's celebrities define modern midriff baring - sans the belly button. 
These days, midriff-baring has become more subtle (and flattering too!). The belly button is kept out of the equation and only a small part of skin is shown for a hint of subtle sexiness.

Trend 5: The Varsity Jacket

Now, this is one obvious trend that the 90s is indeed making a comeback. I am seeing varsity jackets everywhere now and somehow, I felt that Justin Bieber had something to do with this cause he has been wearing Varsity jackets in his video (Boyfriend) and everywhere he goes! But, of course, this was not something new to the world, as it was indeed popularized by the jocks in teenage chick flicks back in the 90s. 

As seen on one of the hottest dudes (during that time) Freddie Prince Jr in She's All That.

I found so many pictures of Bieber in a Varsity jacket when I googled so I decided to choose one where he is cam-whoring. Now, thank me Bieber fans.
Of course, this trend is not limited to guys but also fellow female fashionistas and celebs.

As seen on Kim Kardashian
As seen on one of my favourite fashion bloggers: Sincerely Jules
As seen on Taylor Swift, the youngest woman on the Forbes list.
Trend 6: Platform shoes

Yes, those annoyingly high platforms, once popularized by the Spice Girls.  I remember having a pair too, which made me walk funny. What was once considered a fashion faux pas, has now returned (minus the tackiness).
Nothing scream platform shoes more than Spice Girls!

Now: As seen on

There is also a new trend coming out that is latching on the whole platform craze. Say hello to Flatforms! Basicly, it is exactly like a platform but the base is thick and flat. As unflattering as it sounds, this new trend is seen all over fashion blogs and slowly entering the shoe market in Malaysia. Fortunately, some of them can look good if you know how to select the right design to go with it.
A bunch of flatforms by some famous designer brands. 
As seen on fourfeetnine.

Doesn't look that bad right? 

Trend 7: Camo print

This isn't exactly from the 90s but more to the early 2000s. There was once a cargo pants craze and camo prints were so in during that time. 

Avril Lavigne wearing one during the 2002 VMA awards. 
As seen on N'Sync. OMG is that Justin Timberlake! Almost forgot how kiddy he looked back then.

Now, camo prints are more favoured on jackets and I see so many celebs and fashion bloggers wearing them. 

As seen on Fashion Squad, Sincerely Jules and few other fashion bloggers. 

Well, that marks the end of my post. Hope you guys will enjoy rocking some 90s fashion tonight!


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