Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tamarind Springs

Had a wonderful early birthday dinner on Sunday at this unknown gem in KL called Tamarind Springs. Their site described them as a "lush jungle dining experience" and I found it very intriguing. Upon arrival to the place, it was love at first sight.  It is tucked away in a cosy corner of Ampang where the air is so fresh you can see mist and a 5 star ambience which gives me a resort feel which I absolutely love. Yes, I am big on ambience especially for a romantic dinner date and this is the best place to bring your dates to if you are looking for a sweet (but not far) escape from the hustle bustle of city life. There are two restaurants in Tamarind Springs - one serves Indo-Chinese food while the other serves Malay-Thai food. While we chose to dine at the Indo-Chinese restaurant, we also got a private tour of the Malay-Thai section of the restaurant which is pretty interesting because you get different table options (like in a hut, by a waterfall etc). I would recommend this place for exclusive parties! 

Shall let the pictures talk now!

Complimentary welcome drinks - Tamarind Juice (orange one) and at the back is Lemongrass Juice. 
Complimentary appetizers  - Watermelon salad served on spoons which was surprisingly spicy and a plate of crackers with Thai Chilli Sauce. 
Eggplant with Chinese White Wine. I really loved this dish, almost as much as I loved the one below. 
Stir-fried beef with lemongrass and black pepper. 
Vietnamese Caramelised Chicken.

Most of the food served in the Indo-Chinese restaurant are fusion of food coming from various parts of Southeast Asia like Myanmmar, Laos, Vietnamese etc. Yes, it may sound absurd paying a high price for food from lesser developed countries but rest assured these food are of quality ingredients and delicious! I would also recommend bringing your fellow foreign friends here for them to experience SEA food in a tropical forest (ish) kind of environment. I also like the fact that the spices used are not too overpowering and just nice for my taste buds. It does not leave that "Ajinomoto" salty taste in your mouth like what some Chinese restaurants tend to do. 

Just look at their awards!
Last but not least, I wore my new H&M dress which I absolutely love (despite it being a bit tight). Clutch - vintage, Shoes from a random supermarket (love the surprises you can find in there) and Necklace also from H&M. I'm also loving my latest Tissot armswag ;)

That is all for now! Will update soon :)

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