Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long weekend.

I just got back from a short trip which was a much needed break from our busy lives. Though I wish it could last longer, I shall be thankful that this trip happened! I have never packed so light before in my life. Had no choice this time cause I did not check-in any baggage. Surprisingly, the amount of clothes I packed was just nice for a four day trip! Noticed I tend to pack neutrals during trips to make outfits easier to match. Anyway, I cannot wait to show you the pictures but before that here's a couple of outfit photos from last week. 

Wearing my new Supre dress with my comfiest shoes and cardi, and of course my favourite H&M necklace!

 An last minute put together look which ended up looking very "Aria" from Pretty Little Liars! I actually DIY-ed this old skirt I have since high school to become a "tail skirt". Matched it with a Hard Rock cafe tee, an old denim blazer and these shoes I picked up from a supermarket (really). Also love the fact that this H&M necklace is so amazingly unique yet can somehow fit in with any outfit. I could live in it everyday. 

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