Monday, February 25, 2013

Insta-post: February

Thought I'd share my CNY and February happenings with you guys but realised most of my pictures are about food!! Tried to slot in some outfit pictures but food still overpowered them haha.

My nieces & I at Wondermilk having awesome cupcakes! I don't usually have a sweet tooth but these are my exception!

Loving these awesome roots at a rooftop garden. Feels so fairy-like!
Iranian food for lunch
This was supposed to be my version of North African Lamb, the sauce part of it failed but still tasted good nonetheless
Zebra Lace Top from Shanghai; Light cotton shirt, Espirit

Lamb chops I made to use up leftover ingredients in the fridge
Vegetarian "Yee Sang" - with strawberries, mango and dragon fruit! Yum.

 Maroon MANGO blazer at work one day

Pink Wednesday @ Baskin Robbins
Pomodoro at my favourite lunch place

Ending this post with this awesome shot of an elephant that I took at the zoo! The elephant was soooo friendly :)

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  1. Hi there :) looking good! And happy belated CNY! How's everything?


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