Friday, February 22, 2013

PLL Fashion Season 3 (Part 3)

My favourite time of the year - catching up on Pretty Little Liars which is now my favourite series since Gossip Girl ended. Of course, it is time for another PLL Fashion Update. These were from episodes 13-20. This time around, I took the initiative to print screen the outfits that I love from the episodes so I don't have to spend so much time searching for them online. So, most of these pictures are my own snaps. This season have definitely seen some change of styles with some of the characters (namely Mona) so stay tuned!

Aria's spunky sense of fashion can sometimes be OTT but somehow, she can always pull it off. Especially this leopard print skirt and tee paired with a bold black & white striped blazer. Although there is much going on, but sticking to a theme (animal prints) for most of the outfit makes it looks well thought out. 

This was during the school marathon and I immediately fell in love with this studded sweater. Brings a boring track suit to life.

Here's what I mean with Mona's change of style...ever since she got out of the asylum she's been acting all prim and proper with cardigans, lace and lot of chiffon shirts. I must say I quite like this new look on her. Quite the work-friendly outfits too which us (normal) people could wear on a daily basis to work. 

Of course they had to hop onto the peplum bandwagon with loads of structured peplum numbers this half of the season. Loving this maroon piece worn on Hanna which I think is work appropriate too (sometimes I wonder why these high school kids dress like they are going to work, but then again, I'm glad they did so I'd have something to write about! :)

This photo is solely to showcase Hanna's dress. I don't know why I seem to be attracted to clothes for work (probably cause I need more of them now!). This flowered number is flirty yet conservative, casual yet formal thanks to the added detail of the turtleneck.

Yet another work outfit. This was what Hanna wore for a job interview and I love the peplum and colour combination of this dress!

Here, Hanna takes a more masculine look which she wore to a lesbian club later on (haha doesn't this get interesting). Love the printed blazer and wearing just a tee with it kinda makes the look street worthy. Now on to Aria's outfit...Not a big fan of the dress but I love all the accessories she had on that day!

There's the interesting irregular shaped earring and the silver chunky necklace. Aria wears the most accessories of them all and its always very interesting to observe the details!

Love both their dresses! Aria's maxi semi see-through dress and Hanna's printed peter-pan collar dress. A bit proper for Hanna's usual style though but I like this look on her too. 

 Now this, is the typical Hanna style. She always have on an awesome blazer paired up with an equally awesome outfit below. Loving everything, from the lace top to the usage of bright yellow belt & collar which balances out the whole outfit to make it less "granny".

Spencer steps up this season with more girly outfits like this structured dress here which is (Once again) work worthy! She also shows a whole different side of her character, so those who have not watched, you better do so!

This is one of my Spencer favourites. Classy, elegant, work worthy (okay I should stop). But seriously, this is very Chanel inspired and is something I would totally wear.

Another one of Mona's preppy looks which is also very Chanel.

I absolutely love Aria's rose gold jeans here! Only she could pull of gold on gold without looking tacky *salute*

And then she does it again with metallic red pants!

That's all for this edition of PLL fashion. A few more episodes till the end of season and I can't wait :D

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