Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Festival

...Or better known as Chinese New Year here, has always been about new clothes, clear traffic and lotsa movies :) Since I missed this celebration last year (due to hospitalization), I made sure I took 10 days off just to chill in my home town Kuala Lumpur. The only time in the year KL becomes a ghost town because most people here will return to their respective home towns in other states...while I'm here enjoying its tranquillity!   

On to fashion, I almost never wear red during CNY because it's too common but this year my mom gifted me this awesome tangerine/red-ish coloured top which is almost the same as what Aria from PLL wore here.
Love it to bits cos the colour is so unique! It is also very airy which is perfect for the hot weather now :)

EASY BREEZY OUTFIT: Sheer top - Gift from mom, Jeans - Kitschen, Flip flops from some random shop, Clutch bag - gift from China

Taken while out sinking our tooth in awesome cupcakes by WonderMilk.

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