Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let me give your heart a break.


Here are some snippets from her concert last night. It was her first time in Malaysia and I felt it was only appropriate for her to sing "Skyscraper" right beneath our very own skyscrapers, the Petronas Twin Towers :)  Anyway, she put on a great show showcasing her strong vocals and musical talent with the guitar and piano..BUT what touched me the most was when she told people out there who are struggling with substance abuse, drugs, clubbing addiction etc. to seek help just like she did cause it does make a difference.  Inspiring. As you know, she was struggling with substance abuse for awhile and had to put herself in rehab. Right now, she's probably the only celebrity I know who lives in a halfway home and has a room mate by choice. Because she believes she will be kept grounded there (away from bad influences of the industry). That's a pretty big sacrifice to make considering she can afford living in glamorous houses in Hollywood.

I strongly belief in her message and I hope you all would too. 
It does make all the difference. 


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