Monday, April 1, 2013

Fashion Forecast: April


This month there are a few different trends that caught my eye so I was a bit undecided on what to feature here. In the end I decided with the obvious (and a Micro-Trend bonus segment at the end!). Its officially spring which means its the season where florals and neons are finally allowed to come out without being judged (not that it matters in Malaysia anyway). I'm honestly not a big fan of going for the full floral girly look but there are still ways of infusing spring into your daily look. Here are few (ok, many) of my favourite spring looks. You may also notice there are more leaf/jungle/green trend going on which I think would be this spring's theme. 

"leafy" motifs
Slipping in some vintage floral motifs

H&M's new concious collection, featuring alot of tropical elements *super like*
Another one from H&M

Another nicely done vintage floral infusion. 

More leaf/green motifs on this lovely blazer. 

Love the bits of florals peeking out. 

I hope you see where I am going with the leaf and green theme here...

This vintage floral on mint green seems to be a popular choice on LB
Love the floral element in this look which still adds a touch of spring to monotone.
Or just monotone the florals instead for a mod spring.

My current love - Maxi's with spring elements at the hem. I would pair them with some nude heels though for this look. 
Another monotone floral look dressed down with a graphic tee. 
And this, is actually one of the trends I spotted - FLORAL LACE. Might do another post on this alone! 

MICRO-TREND: Non-conforming skirts

And here's the bonus segment I promised, some unusual looking skirts I spotted. Probably a spin-off of the origami skirts I blogged about in February.
Edit: These are actually not skirts! They are the latest shorts from Zara :) Go get one now!

Blogging about spring looks is making me happier already! 

Happy Easter Everyone :)

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