Monday, September 2, 2013

Fashion Forecast: September (90's again!)

This month we are definitely going back to the 90s! I was waiting patiently for the day where we would go back to 90s fashion (since fashion is always a cycle repeating itself). I wrote about this around the same time last year (here). This time around we have more of a 90s grunge look going on with denim dungarees and shirts/jackets tied around waists a.k.a the "wrap waist" trend. 

As a kid who grew up in the 90s, I remember wearing dungarees and tying my shirts or jackets around my waist (mainly cause I get cold very easily back then so my mom made me bring my jacket along everywhere). I would always tie it around my waist when it is hot and put it back on when I get cold in shopping malls...After a few years it started to look "uncool" because none of my friends dressed that way so I stopped doing that. Hence, I was so exited when I saw this trend making a come back now. Back then it was for convenience and now it's called fashion! Who would have thought "uncool" could look cool now....certainly not me!

Market HQ Fashion Show
Chloe Ting rocking her dungaree shorts
Another wrap waist style..i think wrap waist is really convenient for cold countries cause you can do a lot of layering with this look.

You know it is the latest fashion once an Olsen twin wears it. Love how she paired it with a mini skirt, sweat shirt and ankle boots...effortlessly chic.
Dungarees make an interesting look for fall/winter

Here is a summer look by Jessica from Hapatime

As seen on Nicole Sherzinger.
As seen on Philip Lim's fashion show

Please, even Miley is doing it right, what are you waiting for?

Lastly, in case you are wondering, guys can pull this off too! Here's my (not-so) secret crush Tyler Blackburn rocking the wrap waist look *melts*

OK, I need to go get a long sleeve plaid shirt now! Ta'

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