Sunday, October 27, 2013

East Coast of Malaysia

Pictures from my first trip to Kelantan & Terengganu!

Nasi Kak Wok, one of Kelantan's specialty
Ayam Percik dinner, another famous delicacy in town
All billboards/signages comes with Jawi wordings in this state.
One of the few things to do at night here, visit their night market...
Mobile phones (possibly fakes) were sold among the clothing..
My healthy breakfast by the river at the hotel
The 'grand riverview' from Grand Riverview Hotel
The sighting of a beach means we have arrived at Kuala Terengganu!
The beach bum in me screamed "i wanna go to the beach now" but the level headed me tells me "I gotta be at my event!" Ahh the dilemmas of adult
Terengganu is famous for Keropok Lekor! (fried fish meat with flour)
Ending with this lovely sunrise I managed to catch before I head off to catch my early flight!

Our country is filled with such diverse culture that a city girl like me may find small towns like Kota Bharu & Kuala Terengganu an eye-opening experience (but nothing beats my India experience). The lack of entertainment would probably kill me after a week....though having the beach nearby could be a big plus. 

Can't wait to explore more travel destinations to fill up my travelogue :) 

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