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Budget Beauty: First review of 2014!

Happy New Year everyone! In conjunction with the new year, I am starting a new series called Budget Beauty. I will be doing some reviews of skincare/makeup/beauty products that I have used and loved which everyone can afford (Read: Below RM100)! I thought it would be beneficial to myself and my readers to note down which products works well and which doesn't, so here goes! I will normally try and feature about 5-6 products at one posting and hence, this obviously would not be a monthly feature (unlike my Fashion Forecast series) because I don't buy that many beauty products at a I will blog as and when I have enough products to talk about in a post. Hope you'll enjoy! :)

First up I would like to talk about my favourite BB cream which is from Hada Labo. I've been using this for almost two years now and it is definitely the best BB cream ever used. I love that it does not make my face cakey but at the same time it provides a full coverage. I also love their Ivory Beige colour which matches my skin tone really well. It is actually a little bit darker than my skin tone but when applied, it kinda just blends into my natural skin tone so well. I hate BB creams that makes my skin white like a vampire so this BB cream really works for me! But if you prefer a lighter shade they do have that option too. This also comes with SPF50 which is perfect for Malaysian weather. 

Price: RM50-55 (available at major pharmacies)

Recently, I have been re-visiting the red lip trend and bought this matte red lipstick in Cardinal Red from IN2IT. Just a tip to anyone who wants to rock a red lip, get yourself a matte one and you will thank me after. Red lips are already bold enough on its own, you don't really need that extra shine or glitter which might just come off as trashy. This one here is matte and affordable (a combo so hard to come by) so even if you are not a red lip girl you could just buy this and give it a try. Minimal damage to your wallet but with good quality.

Price: RM17.90 (available at selected pharmacies and Parkson)

This one here is some sort of a primer which you can wear below your make up or just on its own. It is a clear primer though so it does not provide any coverage. What it does is it minimizes the appearance of your pores. However, your pores will not become any smaller unless you use it long term (according to the sales girl). I did notice my pores "dissappearing" when I use it but it is just temporary. If you are looking for something to eliminate your pores entirely, try splurging on Dr Brandt's Pores No More (read my review here). I do love the tea tree scent of this product though and tea tree does have healing properties so sometimes I use this on my zits too. 

Price: RM50++ (at all Body Shop outlets)

When it comes to day creams I almost never bother because my BB cream on its own acts as a moisturizer, sun block and foundation so I don't normally use moisturizers. But when I do, I use the most basic Olay product which is this Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Anti Aging Day Cream. Whew, what a mouthful. It comes with a little bit of SPF and it is quite thick in terms of consistency. I have been using this for a couple of years but it does not really do much for my skin so I am considering trying out another brand. I would recommend this one here only if you are looking for something really basic. You can also use this to mix with your foundation/BB creams if you want a lighter coverage or an easier glide. 

Price: RM20+ (available at all major pharmacies)

This one here is my favourite day time lipstick. I fell in love with this because of its matte finish, have I told you I love matte lips?! This colour is natural, just like all mauves, and gives your lips a bit of colour which makes it perfect for work. This is my second stick already!

Price: RM32-35 (at all major pharmacies)

Recently, I have been seeing quite an oily T-zone and hence I bought this compact powder to carry around so I can touch up my oily forehead on the go. I would recommend this because it is handy, has a mirror and the powder is really light which makes it not cakey at all. Best part is, the price is unbelievably cheap and its from Maybelline which is quite an established brand so you can rest assured it is not some cheapo low quality product. I'm guessing this is their loss leader product...any insights?

Price: Less than RM15 (at all major pharmacies)

This here is my staple product. I use this without fail every night and it is the best night cream I have ever used! I love that it is gel based and really light, it also smells really good and I wake up the next morning with supple skin. It has collagen in it which is anti-aging so it is definitely something a girl in her mid-twenties need. Highly recommended! 

Price: RM50-55 (available at all major pharmacies). The nett price is RM69.90 but do wait for Guardian or Watson's sales where the price will go down to as low as RM50.

These are obviously not budget products but I thought I'd review them since I received these free samples. 

Laneige White Plus Renew Essence: The thing about essences/serums is to layer it before putting on your night creams. I have tried doing that and my skin did feel supple the next day, but I'm not sure if it was because of this product or my night cream that was working. I did use it on its own without my Bio-Essence night cream and I felt that the absorption is not as good as my night cream. It takes longer for my skin to absorb this product and the texture is a white cream instead of a gel-like which I tend to prefer. Also, when used on its own, it doesn't have that supple skin feeling the next I am not too sure if this product would work best when used with another product from its line.

Laneige Snow BB Cream: The BB cream is pretty good if "snow" is what you are going for. It really has that sun-block feeling and my skin looks really white when I applied this which I don't really like. It also doesn't cover your flaws well but I guess you are supposed to use a foundation / concealer with this product? I like that it has SPF41 but Hada Labo still wins because it is a moisturizer, foundation, concealer, blemish balm and sun block all in a bottle. 

That's all for today, my next Budget Beauty post would focus more on body products so stay tuned!


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