Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Dr Brandt Pores No More

As mentioned twice on this blog *here* and *here*, this is a product that I have been eyeing for a long long time. Early this year, I finally parted with RM176 (if not mistaken) to get a bottle of this so-called "Blackhead vacuum cleaner". So does it really work? Read on.
Now, to be honest, the first time I used this back in February this year, I was a bit skeptical cause I just spent a whole lot of money on something that did not show immediate results. I guess I was expecting my really stubborn blackheads to come off on the first try. I was a bit disappointed so I googled and youtubed reviews about this thing here. Some said it worked, some say it doesn't. I continued to use it about twice a week and day, I decided to squeeze my blackheads out using my fingers (I have been doing this even before I used this but my blackheads usually don't come out or takes a lot of squeezing to come out!). Surprisingly, that day when I did this, the blackheads/whiteheads came out easily! I was on a roll with it and almost cleared most of my blackheads on my nose using my own fingers. HAHA. I know it sounds disgusting when typed out but really this is normal! A lot of people do this at facials. So anyway, I continued to use this product and every time I squeeze the blackheads, it comes off easily. In fact, to test this theory, I used a Biore Pore Pack recently and for the first time it removed a lot of blackheads/whiteheads. For many years, Biore pore packs don't work on me cause my blackheads are THAT stubborn and won't come off! 

So anyway, my point is, Dr. Brandt Pores No More does not "remove" the blackhead instantly. It melts it so that the blackheads can come off gradually. You may need to squeeze it out using your fingers so that it will come off completely. I wouldn't recommend this product to those with just a mild case of blackheads but to those who have stubborn blackheads that just can't seem to come off, do try this product! 

Also, when I bought the Pores No More, they gave me a sample bottle of moisturizer to apply after using the product. I found this moisturizer pretty good cos it really does not make your skin feel oily (like some moisturizers do). I particularly love the tea tree scent it has, and to those who don't know tea tree oil is really good to reduce acne etc. 

All in all, I'm happy with my purchases :) 

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  1. The Glow by Dr. Brandt line works wonders for me. Now I want to try the Pores No More line! ;)


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