Friday, May 11, 2012

Kit Kat from Japan!

Top - bottom: Green Tea Kit Kat, Wasabi Kit Kat, Strawberry (cheesecake?) kit kat.
My friend who recently came back from Japan got me some Japanese Kit Kats to try and they were delicious!

The green tea kit kat was my favourite because it tastes like a Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino in a chocolate bar :) The strawberry one tasted like ordinary white chocolate with additional strawberry flavouring so it was not too special but still nice. Last but not least, was the wasabi flavoured one! I left it for the last because I was partially afraid I'll get a stomach ache from it but surprisingly, it was not like what I was expecting. The wasabi flavouring was really mild, just enough to give a small kick up your nose but not strong enough for the chocolate to taste spicy, hence, the chocolate still tasted very sweet. Which is good :D

Green tea chocolate - my favourite! 

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