Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OOTD: Take me to the beach

I would say that I am a savvy traveller especially when it comes to packing light! For a four-day trip like this one, all I had with me was a cabin sized luggage and it still had some space to add on some light shopping. The key is to plan your outfits before your trip and try and pack in neutral colours. I also tend to bring old or cheap clothes just in case a luggage goes missing or you mess up/tore your clothes on the trip, which I did on this one. Bringing old clothes also helps if you over shopped and need luggage space..I would actually throw away some old clothes to make extra space (which I did on my 3 week trip to China and India)

Sorry for the unexpected travel tips! Anyway, I love this particular outfit cause the cropped top was actually my mom's which she bought a long time ago and never wore, while the high waist shorts is something I had since early was the first denim shorts I owned (omg!). And the necklace, was something I recently made out of a broken bracelet! Lastly, sun-kissed hair and skin makes the best accessories :)  #somuchwin

Stay tuned for more OOTDs from Krabi! 

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