Saturday, February 1, 2014

Haul: Bargain Hunter Strikes!

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping the past 2 months on separate occasions because the sales were just too good to resist. So, I thought I'd share some of the stuff I got with you guys. I will put in the price as well so you guys can see why I am so happy with my purchases #bargainhunter!

 Bandeau Bikini from H&M (RM29) which will be up in my next OOTD post

Awesome peel off gel face mask from Nivea (RM5) that left my skin feeling so soft and fresh. It is a pack of two so technically it is RM2.50 per application. 

The rose gold necklace and H&M bag are actually Christmas gifts so they aren't exactly hauls.

Lovisa Swaroski Element earrings (RM7) - like what?!

Circle of Positivity necklace also from Lovisa, which I was eyeing for sometime but didn't want to part with RM26 for such a dainty necklace...I told myself I will only buy it if its RM10. True enough, after Christmas the price went down to RM10! 

Here I am wearing the Circle of Positivity on New Years Eve, and I must say, I think this actually works! I feel more empowered and positive wearing this necklace #itsallinthemind

My dream structured loafers. This wasn't on sale but I wanted a pair of loafers exactly like this one (black, shiny, structured with a gold heel) but every shoe shop I went in different malls just didn't have what I wanted, until I saw this in the new Vincci in Sunway Pyramid. It was literally the first day of business for them hence they had all the new stocks in my size (my feet isn't your typical Asian foot hence the difficulty in getting sizes). OK anyway, the price was quite reasonable even at full price (RM69.90). I also bought these socks because I found cheap socks at Mr. DIY (who would have thought?!), I spent like RM8 on 4 pairs of socks. I worn them and the quality is actually better than the socks that I bought for more than RM10 a pair at Soxworld.

This bag, was originally around RM150. I got it for only RM29. And it is exactly the type of cross-body bag I wanted. I know right. 

I bought this on a day where I didn't expect to be shoe shopping (this always happens!), and on these unexpected trips, I always find nice things that fits me perfectly. This sand coloured gladiator sandal was one of them. It doesn't look like much when you look at it, but once worn, it makes my legs look so good! I am starting to learn that my big feet suits shoes that goes above the ankles (ie: ankle boots, heels with ankle straps etc). This was 50% off so it was around RM50 from Sembonia!

This neon dress, was probably an impulse purchase. I just could not resist an RM18 dress in neon pink. But whatever! It is made of good material and a decent length so it is super worth it!

The furry scarf is from Daiso (RM5) and was part of my costume for a work related event. 

Chain necklace from H&M (RM5), I wore this today and love it already! I like how it toughens up an outfit instantly so it would go great with girly dresses or printed tees to add an extra edge to it. 

Lastly, these three items here are FOC because I made them myself! An old bracelet broke so I decided to string the silver pieces together using an old necklace chain and voila, a new necklace to my collection. I love the rough silver detailing of the pieces which is kinda perfectly imperfect. On the same day since I was feeling creative, I decided to crop two old lycra tees which I was contemplating on trashing. I'm glad I didn't! I particularly love the black one which you will see in my OOTD posts soon. 

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