Monday, February 3, 2014

OOTD: Island Life

Pareos are the best thing ever when it comes to beach holidays. You can use it as a cover up for your swim wear, a mat for sitting on the beach, a towel in case you forgot yours and a shawl on your plane rides. I never knew how useful it was till I brought it with me to Krabi. It's definitely coming with me on all of my future beach holidays! Another thing I love, is my new H&M bandeau bikini top...

I love how my self ombred hair looks in these pictures! I was waiting for my hair to grow out to a certain length to see this ombre effect. Here is how I achieved this hair look:

I first dyed my hair in August last year to an ash brown colour. I initially wanted to get the ombre done at the salon but it was just too expensive so I dyed my whole head the same colour which was more inexpensive this way because only one colour was used. 2 months later, when the roots started to grow out, the contrast become quite obvious between my natural dark brown and the ash brown. So, I decided to touch up my roots myself and also highlighted a portion of the ash brown hair with a medium brown dye purchased from a pharmacy. This makes my natural regrowth less obvious because of the medium brown section that acts as a gradient to the ash brown and creates a 3 colour ombre which would probably cost you RM400 at least to create at the salon! 

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