Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Avril Lavigne Tour 2014

I had the privilege to attend an Avril Lavigne concert for the second time of my life last Friday and it was the best damn thing that happened for me in March (pun intended). I had always loved concerts and I love it even more if the artist is someone I really liked. I have been listening to Avril since my high school days and it's so fun to be singing along all her hit songs from her 5 albums! Out of all her songs there were only 2 that I couldn't sing along to (they were from her new album) and all you concert goers would know that this means it was a concert worth your money. I got the tickets for free so it was even more worth it for me. The only downside was that she didn't perform Wish You Were Here & Hot (which is my fave song of hers). I don't blame her though, that only means she has way too many hit songs (which is a good thing!) and she did her best to fit in as many hit songs into her 2-hour performance. I also have to commend her for putting up an awesome performance despite the unhealthy levels of haze which has recently hit KL badly. 

Ok, before I go on, I apologize for not getting any nice pictures. Not sure if it was the haze or the fact that my seat was no where near the stage, the photos I took were horrible! So yeah, forgive my lack of photos. I didn't even managed to get a proper shot of her. So here's one I stole from TheStar.

Waiting for the concert to start. Didn't take an OOTD because I came directly from work (Read: looked like crap) but you can see another OOTD of  this H&M dress I wore here. This time I had an N95 mask as an accessory. Yes, the haze was that bad.

"Hey hey you you I could be your girlfriend" :D

My failed shots at Avril... 

Till my next concert! 

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