Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fashion Forecast: March 2014

The ankle boot trend isn't exactly a new trend in the world. People have been wearing them for decades especially in winter countries. However, as of late, ankle boots are becoming more and more fashionable. You can have them with buckles, studs, transparent heels, mary jane straps, gold plates and the list goes on...My personal favourite are suede black boots. In fact, I think if you ever gonna wear ankle boots, it better be black because its chic and so easy to match with anything. You can wear them with jeans or a dress and trust me, either way a pair of black ankle boots will make heads turn. I'll make an exception for for Aldo's new white ankle boots though, cause that somehow looks better in white. It used to be almost impossible to find nice ankle boots in Malaysia (due to the lack of demand I guess, we don't exactly have a "boot weather season") but I see this trend picking up lately and many stores has started carrying ankle boots too. Yay for us!

I love how these white Aldos make boots look feminine.

The famous Jefferey Campbell litas
For a classy take, go for ankle boots with stilettos instead. 
Victoria Beckham
Heidi Klum

Love these Maison Martin Margiela x H&M boots which apparently sold out so quickly when it launched last year...or was it the year before that? Gee, time flies.

On an unrelated note, the disappearance of MH370 has gotten me very anxious and curious at the same time. I really hope we find the plane soon so this mind boggling mystery can be solved!

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