Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Part 1

Another season of Pretty Little Liars has come and this time we see some drastic style changes in some of the characters. My usual favourite, Hanna, was going through a dark grungy phase the entire first half of the season hence you will be seeing less of her here and more of....Mona! Surprise surprise! Here's a round up of the best outfits from the first 12 episodes.

This sharp Wednesday Addams number on Mona is simple yet so sleek (in fact, I spy Selena Gomez wearing a similar dress)
I prefer Aria in simpler outfits (like this "You're No Good" tee with studded shoulders) instead of her usually outrageous outfits. 

This embellished cropped top is something that I actually want in my closet right now!
Spencer returns to her preppy self and signature animal prints in this giraffe sweater. Love the pairing with this blue jacket. 

Oh look its Alison :)
Loving this simple muscle tee on Emily!
I can't decide which look I like more, Emily's sporty tropical inspired ensemble or Spencer's preppy midwestern look.

This is how you make leopard prints classy.

The marriage of white tulle and black leather somehow makes perfect sense here.

One of my favourites on the show is actually this electric blue jumper on Emily. Keeping it classy!
I would actually think this is more of an Aria outfit but it kinda works for Spencer too. Love everything about this look!

Acid wash, a lioness and lightning bolts. can't get any more powerful than this eh?

Once in awhile, we see something simple like a plain striped dress which totally works too.

I particularly remembered this episode because of this dress...which was paired with a t-shirt. What a brilliant way to dress down a fancy dress, Spencer.

Here's Mona channeling some 50s bombshell look, while the red swallow necklace adds a modern touch to it.

The mix of floral and plaid gives this a more ladylike take on plaid.

Unexpected pairing but hey, it worked out pretty well. Lets go pair some stripes with roses LIKE NOW.

Last but not least, I can't believe I only have one outfit of Hanna that I like this season! I guess this is the only one of her grungy looks that I can accept.

That's all for now. Till the next episode which will only be out near Christmas!! (sigh)

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