Monday, July 18, 2011

Four Days.

Who can say no to four extra days of holiday! Anyway, I just scored myself four more days in addition to my month long (awesome) break due to some shifting in schedule. Spent the entire afternoon doing internet duties, ie: editing pictures from the weekend, updating this blog, posting a new look on LB, checking Twitter and updating facebook. I am such a social media junkie, I know.... 

I've also noticed my counter has hit more than 200 page views and I am extremely happy to be able to hit that number in a mere week of launching this blog! Thank you for supporting my blog :) As a reward, here's one of my favourite shots taken in the upstairs of The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar - note that there is zero editing done. I just love my personal photographer so much! Till the next post, which I will hopefully update some pics from my weekend. 
Much love.

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