Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Da Mouth & DJ Tenashar Live in Concert

Photo courtesy of DJ Tenashar's FB page
I had the opportunity to attend the Da Mouth and DJ Tenashar's concert sponsored by Hotlink recently and had more fun than I'd expected thanks to good company :) Besides the mentioned Taiwanese group and Singaporean DJ, there were also other female Malaysian DJ line ups like the popular DJ Leng Yein, her mentor, DJ Jerryca Misty and also DJ Nikki. Concert photography can be tricky due to the lighting and what not but I tried my best to capture the best moments with my iPhone5. These pics were taken from various locations - backstage, wave pool and the sponsor zone. Enjoy!

DJ Nikki backstage

Ice from Da Mouth

DJ Leng Yein and DJ Jerryca having fun with the water guns

Taiwanese group, Da Mouth aka Black Eye Peas of the East

View from the sponsor zone. Those two huge balls that went around was pretty fun to bounce around lol

Wave Pool crowd

Loving the effect from the balloons :)

DJ Tenashar's turn on the water gun

Yours truly.
I know, I am an amateur at taking photos but I am still learning and I think my iPhone did a pretty good job considering the fact that usually I can almost never get good pictures at concerts. Till my next post!

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