Monday, March 3, 2014

Budget beauty: Dry shampoo, the best sunblock and more!

As promised, I will be doing more beauty reviews this year and here is my second review of some products which I have been using lately.

First up is this mini lotion which I got as part of a goodie bag at an event in Sunway Lagoon. This is basically a body moisturiser that also comes with SPF 24 for some sort of UV protection. I would say this is a mild sunblock that would probably work well for a short trip to the pool downstairs or for running errands, but if you were to be out in the sun then this will not really leave you that "white". I love how convenient it is though because it is within the 100ML liquid limit at airports which is ideal for travelling. I also love how inexpensive it is! I brought this along with me to Krabi and finished the whole tube there (I only used it the last two days) so there really isn't much inside this tube, but I would still give this plus points for its convenience.

Price: RM1.25 (you can usually pick this up at Guardian's cashier counters)

This was a part of a gift set I received for Christmas and this is actually one of my favourite scents from Body Shop. The Satsuma orange tangy scent is just so refreshing so it really adds to your in-bath experience. Haha. Although this is a scrub, it doesn't really hurt your skin because it is really mild. If you are looking for a scrub that will leave you sparkly clean then this may not work for you though.

Price: Probably less than RM50 per set

This body butter here is also part of the set and comes in the same Satsuma orange scent. I am not a big fan of body butters from The Body Shop in general, because they tend to leave my skin feeling so sticky (is it just me?). I still used this anyway because it gives off a nice scent which I can fall asleep to. I also prefer using this on my legs and feet instead of my hands cause I don't like the feeling of sticky hands! 

Now this, was like discovering something totally new to the world to me. You see, I have never understood why beauty vloggers use dry shampoo until I started using it myself... If you are like me and tend to have an oily scalp, trust me THIS WILL SAVE YOU. There are days when I do not have time to wash my hair but need to head out, and this baby here is the "magic ingredient" that will keep my hair oil free. It also kinda works like a milder hairspray which gives my limp hair some volume. Double win. 

Price: RM29

I have recently switched from a bio-essence cleanser from another range to this one here to complement the night cream that I am using (here). What I really loved about this one, is that it doesn't create a lot of soapy bubbles and instead it feels more creamy and gentle to your skin. Despite this, it still cleans really well and removes traces of make up which I really love. I use this after  my make-up remover so that it gets all the leftover gunk on my face out. To top that off, I am sure nobody minds some extra exposure to collagen :) Definitely the best cleanser I have used to date! 

Price: around RM20

Last but not least, is this sunblock from Sunplay that you really must invest in if you are going to the beach and do not want to come home tan (Asians, take note). I used this when I went island hopping the entire day and I only got darker by a little. So little, the difference wasn't even obvious because when I got back, everyone commented that I still look fair! Much to my disappointment actually because I really wanted to get a tan! I was even in water at noon (water actually makes you tan faster because it reflects the rays to you and noon sun is the harshest) but yet I didn't get dark. I guess this sunblock worked really well at blocking those UV rays. 

Price: RM30+

Stay tuned for my next review where I would be featuring my favourite nail polish brand.

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