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PLL Fashion: Season 4 Part 2

Part 2 of PLL Season 4 started off with the usual "Halloween" episode and this time it was an 18th Century themed party in a Ravenswood graveyard. This was probably the creepiest episode of all 4 seasons in PLL history because it was the episode introducing the mysterious PLL spinoff called "Ravenswood". Unfortunately, the spinoff got called off after one season just when I was about to find it interesting. It was dubbed the biggest cliffhanger in ABC history and apparently, they will reveal the Ravenswood ending in the finale of PLL Season 5 for some closure. You can read all about it here.

Anyway, to those who were wondering, here are the Halloween outfits in Season 2 & 3.

Halloween Season 2. Pocahontas (Emily) was my favourite.

Season 4 have seen Emily's style evolved into an edgier look compared toprevious seasons where she was the more sporty one of the lot. In fact, I was never a big fan of Emily's day to day look until this season. This means, you will see a whole lot more of Emily here, in comparison to my older PLL posts. Leather jackets also seems to be on trend this season and trust me, below are just a few of the many leather jackets sported on the show!

Here are some of my favourite looks from Season 4 (Episode 13 onwards).

As usual, blazers are still "uniform" on the show. I love how Spencer paired an otherwise dull grey jacket with a printed dress. 

This cropped leather-ish/denim-ish jacket is super effortless yet chic.

Underneath the jacket is this pearl studded t-shirt

Unique cut-out dress sported by Mona. Love the unusual blue too.

It's a pity I don't have a clear shot of this outfit but I love how the yellow necklace goes with the green skirt.

This is my favourite Emily look of the season. This grey jacket with faux leather sleeves is formal with a touch of edgy. I love it so much I subconsciously bought a similar version from Zalora last week.

One of Hanna's casual look. This was when she was going through her break-up. Loving the lip stick tee which somehow matches her floral cardigan. Again, only Hanna can pull off such mis-match prints.

I love the delicate pale rose top and the structured jacket combo here. I also love how she paired a dainty key necklace with it (possibly trying to show that she is 21 and legal to enter a bar? This was the scene from the sorority bar, where she discovered the possibility that Ezra is A)

Here is another leather jacket I love. This one is a cross between sporty varsity jacket meet faux leather sleeves. 

This outfit screams fresh and clean. I would think this is more of a Hanna outfit as Aria tends to go for darker hues. But then again, Aria is also known for her extreme outfits (ie: girly one day and rocker chic the next)

As much as I love the coat's leather detailing, what I love more is this Zara Necklace. And also the fact that she can make leather trimmings and lace pants work together in an outfit. 
Finally Hanna's back with her signature structured blazers, mini dress and stilettos. Here she is at one of her many run-ins with the cops.

Remember what I said about Aria earlier? This is what I mean when I say she can be extreme with her fashion. This is probably the most normal outfit she's worn this season and I love it. 

Emily. Leather. White. Vest. Enough said.

Spencer looks super worn out most of Part 2 due to certain "issues". Hence her outfits are off-point most of the time except this preppy combo here which is put together really well. Isn't that fox sweater so cute!

I love sweaters and all things cropped so yeah. 

Speaking of sweaters, here's a really simple and chic white sweater with some shoulder embroidery 
This is another favourite look from Emily, love how she paired a graphic tank top over a slinky bra (Dame de Paris Push Up Bra by Marlies Dekkers). FYI, slinky bras are in-trend now. 
Bright pink inverted lapel blazer over a floral jumpsuit. Once again, only Hanna can do it!

This is probably one of my favourite looks from Hanna. This beaded blouse is so gorgeous and has a vintage feel to it. I love how she paired it with leather pants to take out the "old fashion-ness" of the blouse. 10/10.

What Aria wore after a wild night out and a bad hangover. Love the smiley cropped top and beanie.

Classy. You can't go wrong with pearls.

And to sum it up, there is the obligatory episode where the girls get to dress up to the nines. Here's a recap of past seasons special events. 

Season 1: Home-coming
My favourite dress: Find out here
Season 2: Fashion Show
My favourite dress: Emily's electric blue slinky gown

Season 2: Masquerade Finale
My favourite dress: Hanna's white demure gown
(Why is Emily always in electric blue?!)
Season 3 Finale
My favourite dress: Emily's gold leaf dress

Season 4: Bridal Charity Fashion Show
I love all their wedding dresses but if I were to choose one it would be......

Emily's! I just realised Emily seems to be winning in the dress department almost every season :) Just look at this gorgeous is the perfect wedding dress: Lace, fitted waistline, sleeves to cover up for a demure bride look, sweetheart neckline, mermaid tail....

But no, that is not the end of this post. In fact, in the final moments of the show, the girls were dressed in similar outfits featuring.... 


It's like some divine leather jacket intervention that is happening here. 

Loving how Emily donned the wrap waist look with a check shirt around her waist.

But my favourite leather jacket goes to...

Hanna's paisley jacket with faux leather sleeves :)

Sorry for the spoiler for those who have not watched the finale yet! But yes, as you can see, Alison is alive. 

So, who is A?

Photo creds: WornOnTV, ShopYourTV, ABC Family.

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