Sunday, May 4, 2014

Budget Beauty: Nails & Make Up Edition

This here is the latest addition to my nail polish collection. I got this at a clearance sale so there were not many colours to choose from and this was the last bottle of a colour that was actually nice. Its midnight blue with a little bit of sparkle. Sorry you can't see it clearly here. My bad. In terms of quality, Revlon definitely did not disappoint. It didn't chip that easily and colour glides on pretty smoothly. Though not as good as my Sally Hansen's which I'll get to later. 

Price: On sale for RM5 (Usual price around RM15)

At the same clearance sale, Silky Girl was also clearing their stock so since I needed a new blush cause my old Sephora one was finishing, I took the opportunity to grab this coral blush. I love the colour very much as it has slight orange undertones that really gives that healthy glow. It is also really natural and matte. I'm mad about matte so that's a plus point for me. 

Price: On sale for RM8

This is probably the best beauty buy of 2014 to date. First and foremost, this was also at the same clearance sale and it also happens to be the same brand and range of lipstick that I use on a daily basis. It is the matte range from Revlon (see, what did I tell you?) and although there were only two colours to choose from at the sale, one of it is this Smoked Peach colour which looks so gooood. Just look at this picture. Its subtle enough to wear it everyday so now I actually have an option in the morning to wear this or my usual colour.

Price: On sale at RM10 (Usual price RM32 - 35)

I bought this from Sephora because I wanted to change up my concealer brand (Maybelline) which I have been using since I was 18. That is almost 10 years!! There's nothing wrong with it actually, just that I just wanted a change. So in came this Nyx concealer which I thought was a bad purchase after the first try because I felt like I was tugging my skin during application. It's in a stick format so the texture is harder than my usual liquid concealer. But turns out, the stick does soften over time and it's easier to apply. At the moment, I do not have a preference for this over my usual but it does gives more precision during application and you can reach those hard to reach areas like the corner of your nose, corners of your eyes etc. because of the stick format.

Price: RM19

Confession: I have not worn mascara in about 2-3 years. Simply because I have no reason to. I started wearing glasses more during the past few years and my lashes are naturally long so if I applied mascara and wore glasses, my glasses will be filled with mascara streaks #truestory. So anyway, I decided to buy one now because the number of events, functions and wedding dinners I have to attend are increasing so I figured I needed one. Plus this was 50% off so the decision was easier to make. So far what I like is that it doesn't clump much but the mascara wand is a bit too big. I'm not sure if its the reason that it gives more volume but I do find it a little difficult to apply.

Price: RM19.90 (Usual price around RM40)

This product is true to it's name. Seriously, one of my best purchases because it actually works! I've tried so many anti-chip fast drying top coats by brandless polishes and seriously, just don't bother with those! Invest in brands that are experts in this field as they do make a difference. I find Sally Hansen's range not overly expensive like O.P.I, Butter London or the likes of it and you can get it easily at Guardian Pharmacy. One con though, sometimes if you apply too thick of a coat, air bubbles will form. 

Price: Around RM20 

This baby here is my favourite nail polish right now! This is part of Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails collection and it is also true to its name. I use this one on its own because it really doesn't require a top coat. Just two coats of this and you're good to go. Doesn't chip easily too and the pink has a little bit of shine in it, very subtle almost unnoticeable but makes it look a bit more interesting. 

Price: On sale at RM10.90 (Usual price RM17.90)

I really enjoy doing these beauty reviews despite it requiring the most effort from me out of all the types of posts I do on my blog. I love blogging and sharing things I love with the world so I hope you are enjoying this new category as much as I do. Cheers! 

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